Atheists in Hats: Melody Hensley

I had no idea that a tumblr named Atheists in Hats exists, but I must say that it is brilliant. Here’s CFI’s Melody Hensley (click image to go to the original post):

melody hensley atheists in hats


David Silverman on Sean Hannity

David Silverman from American Atheists was on Sean Hannity last night. A couple quick observations:

  • At the beginning of the segment, a reporter asks random people on the street at Times Square about their thoughts on the billboard. Some (probably Christians) make a valid point about the billboard: Isn’t Santa a “myth”?
  • Hannity seems to be surprised that a donor paid for the billboard. Er, aren’t most non-profits donor funded?
  • Why does Hannity repeat the line “you believe that nothing came out of nothing” as if this some outlandish concept…perhaps he means “something out of nothing”?

American Atheists Times Square billboard

EllenBeth Wachs and Tom Flynn – Center Stage Podcast


Episode 131 – Face-Off in Florida Part 2 of CFI’s Center Stage podcast features:

Tom Flynn, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism and editor of Free Inquiry magazine, giving a presentation titled “Why End Faith-Based Funding?”

EllenBeth Wachs, a Polk County, Florida, atheist activist who suffered outrageous persecution at the hands of an evangelical Christian sheriff and other community leaders.

David Futrelle on Homophobia at A Voice For Men

Futrelle is spot on with his commentary on the use of the derogatory term “mangina”:

Consider: The site’s slur of choice for men who aren’t raging misogynists is, you may recall, “mangina,” an insult that pulls off a veritable trifecta of bigotry, being homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic all at once. It’s telling that Elam et al can’t really think of a worse insult than to suggest that men they don’t like are effeminate not-quite-men with feminized genitalia.

The piece deserves to be read in it’s entirety here.

Latest issue of Free Inquiry features Women in Secularism

The latest issue of Free Inquiry for December 2012 / January 2013 guest edited by Melody Hensley features several excellent articles from many of the participants of the Women in Secularism conference.

Many of them are available free online at the Council for Secular Humanism’s website or you can subscribe here for the full issue.

Dec 12/Jan 13 Free Inquiry cover

Rebecca Watson states the obvious

Rebecca Watson correctly says:

they’re comparing drunk sex to drunk driving as though drunk driving is something that is done to the drunk driver. Here’s the non-fallacious analogy: insisting on getting in a car and driving while drunk and no one can stop you is equivalent to insisting on having sex while drunk with a person who is unable to stop you. And yes, in both of those cases you, drunky, are liable.

Read the rest at the latest Skepchick post here

(Watch youtube video below for context of original tweets)

did leonard rape penny?