2012 Women in Secularism Conference: Intersection of Non-theism and Feminism

From the May 2012 CFI Women in Secularism Conference in Arlington, VA:

Panel title: The Intersection of Non-theism and Feminism

Participants: (Moderator) Annie Laurie Gaylor, Sikivu Hutchinson, Rebecca Watson, Ophelia Benson, and Jennifer McCreight


Latest issue of Free Inquiry features Women in Secularism

The latest issue of Free Inquiry for December 2012 / January 2013 guest edited by Melody Hensley features several excellent articles from many of the participants of the Women in Secularism conference.

Many of them are available free online at the Council for Secular Humanism’s website or you can subscribe here for the full issue.

Dec 12/Jan 13 Free Inquiry cover

Rebecca Watson states the obvious

Rebecca Watson correctly says:

they’re comparing drunk sex to drunk driving as though drunk driving is something that is done to the drunk driver. Here’s the non-fallacious analogy: insisting on getting in a car and driving while drunk and no one can stop you is equivalent to insisting on having sex while drunk with a person who is unable to stop you. And yes, in both of those cases you, drunky, are liable.

Read the rest at the latest Skepchick post here

(Watch youtube video below for context of original tweets)

did leonard rape penny?